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What material is good for a lounge chair?

2021/4/16 15:19:00      view:909
1. Aluminum recliner
The combination of aluminum alloy and Teslin cloth is a very modern and fashionable combination. This new type of material is basically light-weight, portable, easy to disassemble and easy to move, and it advocates minimalism. Special attributes, so in the design process of recliner, designers will constantly modify the lines and angles to make it coordinate with the human body to achieve the best effect.
  2, solid wood recliner
It uses natural ash wood, ash wood, red cherry wood and other materials, so the price is different. Different wood determines the price of the recliner. So you should also see what kind of wood it is when you buy it to prevent it from being affected. Black-hearted merchants cheated.
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  3, rattan lounge chair
It adopts aluminum alloy frame and pure hand-woven rattan products, which can be placed indoors and outdoors. It is not afraid of wind and sun, and is not easy to deform. It can also be customized according to your style. Its appearance breaks the limitations of traditional recliners. And the style has been greatly improved. If it is placed next to the pool, its corrosion resistance is much better than other lounge chairs.
   4. Plastic recliner
  Simple and generous, it is very popular with consumers. It uses polypropylene environmentally friendly materials and has been improved, 100% recyclable, with high-efficiency environmental protection quality. At the same time, the product also has the special ability to defend against bad weather and resist the infringement of strong ultraviolet rays, and it can maintain the characteristics of bright color and luster after long-term use.