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Matters needing attention when choosing a recliner

2021/4/16 15:19:35      view:6519
1. Look at the weight
  The key to the overall quality of the recliner is whether the frame is firm or not. It is recommended that the recliner be swayed back and forth and left and right when buying. If it is firm and strong, it means that the recliner is of good quality.
  2, look at the material
   If the folding chair is made of aluminum alloy tube, it is best to choose a steel tube with a thickness of about 1.2 mm and no impurities; preferably aluminum alloy tube, which is lighter and easier to fold.
  3, look at the architecture
In order for some products to pass the quality inspection, some waste pipes are stuffed into the steel pipe to achieve the purpose of passing the weight. Such a recliner can easily bend the steel pipe. It is recommended that you try to sit on your own. , Every angle must be changed to find out whether it is qualified, and then buy after confirming.
  4, look at the details
Because the equipment and technology of the factory are different, the details are also different. When we buy, we must carefully observe whether the steel pipe is rough or burr, and then see whether the movable joints of the steel pipe are treated with arcs. If these details are ignored, everyone The hands and feet will be easily scratched by sharp burrs or sharp angles during use.