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How to choose a chair for your child

2021/4/16 15:16:56      view:876
Safety: Regardless of the style of the childrens chair, the lines should be smooth, without any sharp angles, and the surface should be smooth and not rough to avoid any small accidents. In addition, the surface coating must be harmless. When you buy it, you can get in and smell it.
   Modeling: Children are usually more interested in vivid things. Therefore, when choosing a chair for your child, you can appropriately choose cute animal shapes or geometric shapes such as ellipses and spheres, which have certain game characteristics, are more pleasing to children, and are also conducive to stimulating childrens imagination. Size: Just like adults, when choosing a chair for a child, you should also pay attention to the fit of the body, so it is best to take the child with you, try it before buying it. At the same time, it would be even more ideal if there is a function that can be adjusted according to changes in height. Because the child grows up faster, a chair that can "grow up" with the childs height is more suitable.
  Sturdy: Shake the chair vigorously. If the structure is loose or feels a little unstable, then such a chair cannot be bought.
  Color: Choosing lively, bright, and highly saturated colors for children can stimulate childrens curiosity and attention, and cultivate childrens visual sensitivity.