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The historical origin of the stool

2021/4/16 15:17:34      view:879

The stool was invented earlier than the chair, probably originated in the Han and Wei dynasties. Stools are called 杌stools in folk. They were originally used when stepping on horses and sedan chairs, so they are also called horse stools and sedan chairs. Among the common folk names, there is also the "wu stool", because people who practice martial arts sit like a bell and dont need to rely on anything, hence the name.

The early stools were actually rectangular. This shape continued into the Ming Dynasty and became square in the Qing Dynasty. At this time, fan-shaped, plum blossom, and hexagonal stools appeared. Stools in the Ming and Qing Dynasties have more uses. They can be used as footstools on both sides of the bed and placed next to the cabinet. They also serve as a flower table for placing potted flowers and bonsai. In temples, it is used as a seat for meditation.